Charlotte has worked in the field of alternative healing since the early 1980s, as a Massage Therapist and Reflexologist. She holds certification in both Acupuncture and Reiki and has skills in Feldenkrais and Cranial Sacral Therapy, Polarity Therapy, Acupressure and Sciatsu Therapy.

Charlotte became interested in Bowen Therapy in the spring of 2003 when an acquaintance shared her experiences. She had had a chronic shoulder problem and had received chiropractic and acupuncture a number of times, without any relief. Bowen Therapy was suggested to her, and in one treatment, her shoulder pain was gone and didn't come back. A few months later, a referral client from Australia came to see Charlotte for treatment and shared with her his experiences. Years before, he had had a major back problem-ruptured discs-and he was about to have back surgery. Bowen Therapy had also been suggested to him. After one treatment, he felt well enough to cancel the surgery. He continued with nine more treatments, and was then able to resume his normal life.

After that story, Charlotte had 6 Bowen treatments herself, promising that if her own back improved, then she would go back to school and become a Bowen Practitioner. She had been experiencing major low back pain for over two years from an old injury, and was receiving chiropractic and acupuncture once or twice a week; she was, though, in constant pain and was often unable to work and was increasingly concerned that she was going to have to give up her massage practice.

After only 4 Bowen sessions, her back pain was totally gone, for the first time in two years. It did return, but not as severely, and after a few more Bowen treatments she was pain free and able to resume her normal life, even adding horses to her animal family that she enjoys riding.

She has now been a Bowen Practitioner since the spring of 2004 and has helped many patients whose conditions include asthma, fibromyalgia, chronic back, neck, shoulder and knee pain, hormone imbalances, and some emotional problems. She has found her animals also love Bowen therapy!

Charlotte Bonderud, "Trauma Points Really Work," Bowen Hands Magazine, December 2006.