When asked to describe my experience, I thought how do I explain to someone else how it feels or what it means to have been given your everyday life back? I was skeptical at first, but after several Bowen treatments, I feel alive once again. I am working more hours, I am doing things I want to do. I am a true believer in Bowenwork®.
— Sue, Desert Hills

Bowen has been a very positive experience for me. Within hours after the first session, a skin rash disappeared from my forearm. I have also received comfort for back, shoulder, and wrist soreness. It is good therapy for basic wellness.
— Pat, Cave Creek

Charlotte has the touch of an angel, and Bowen therapy does wonders. I had been ill for about a month and couldn't live a normal life, despite prescriptions from my doctor. I had one Bowen session and felt wonderful — so much so that I rode my horse two days later. Thank you!
— Pat W., Sun City

I hurt my neck in a car accident and was still stiff and sore after several months of chiropractic. I had almost full range of motion and no pain after just one Bowen session, and after another, my neck was healed and remains healthy. I went on to receive more Bowenwork® to address my life-long history of allergies and asthma, and the improvement has been dramatic. I am convinced that Bowen really has improved my overall health.
— Julia, Cave Creek